Burnt out Bearings

There is a first for everything. I have been using NTM motors now for over a year without any hitches. On my HT FPV Flip I am using NTM Prop Drive 28-26 1350 KV/ 310W motors. On this particular Saturday I noticed that the shaft was wobbling, and me being me was curious to see how this would effect its flight, so I continued to fly it in my backyard (under controlled conditions). I did this because I wanted to see what would happen if this occured 1.5 Km away. To my suprise it still continued to fly stable with a few dips and so here and there until its last dying moments when the motor itself started smoking up. When this happened I landed immediately just in case ┬áit caught fire and destroyed the rest of the quad. I got the motor off eventually (because it was hot) and saw that the bearings on the top of the motor didn’t exist any more. I of coarse ordered another one straight away. The moral of the story is always go over your motors first before a big flight. I will continue to use these motors because I think they are great value for money.


The bearings gave way.
The bearings gave way.

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