Where is it?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No … it’s my quad stuck up in a tree. 

Where to begin … Yesterday, Saturday 17/6/2017, we had round 6 of the MMRC season. I got two 2nd’s & a 3rd which didn’t quite see me get to the finals, but was very happy with the fact that I didn’t get any DNF’s (did not finish) so in my eyes the practise that I am getting in is starting to pay off.

Speaking of practise, I went and had a fly with boys today with a pretty cool track setup, which was super hard for me. I had a couple of bingles and then my reception started to get really staticy and couldn’t see any thing, so I hit the disarm button and was hoping to hear for a thud or someone say “its over here’, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. We ended up having a little hunt for it. Luckily the battery hadn’t came unplugged and we could get some vision out of it. It looked like it was sitting on a log or next to a log, but we still couldn’t find it. In my goggles I found myself and the angle looked like it was from a high place, and bang we found it, up a big tree. Juz had his ladder luckily and armed with a branch we managed to free my beast.

The issue I had was that I had a broken FPV antenna, which didn’t take long to fix out in the field. Massive shout out to those that helped me get my quad back and to those that bring everything out to the field so I could do a repair.

Perched Up High

FatShark Mod

Its been a fun weekend flying with boys, improving my flying and getting some more confidence in the air. Now I have to charge my packs and I only have one charger. It is a long and boring process ….

…. So I thought I would join the hype train and do the fatshark mod. I had ordered the button a week earlier, so it was just sitting there. I pretty much followed the Oscar Liang tutorial, except for the part that my switch didn’t have the same pin layout and that part I just winged (hoping that my logic fitted the profile and that I didn’t burn out the board). It is a tight fit and I had to trim the pins down and then had to make sure the wires went into a spot that wasn’t hitting anything so I could make the door click back on. Other than that I think the scariest part is drilling the 16 mm hole in the door, mainly because if you screw that up, it will either look crap or it wont fit back in. Anyway at the end of the day I completed it and am happy with its functionality.

This is what it is all about.
Pushing the wires back in.
Added the on/off button to my goggles.

My New Bird

Seeing as I have been getting into the mini quad racing scene, I thought it was time to get myself a racing quad. This one took me a while to build as it took some time to get some of the parts and then some of these parts are not stock size, so modifications took place. All in all though it has been fun building it.

The frame is a Quadracer Kaiser which is an awesome frame, absolutely loving. ¬†Didn’t think I would be a fan of the battery being underneath, but this frame sure changed my mind. I got the raceflight revolt flight controller and the bolt 4 in 1 esc, which is pretty cool double stacked and running F60 2500k motors. Last but not least TBS unify for my VTX and XSR receiver.

Great racing quad.

Starting Again

Over the last year or so I have been having issues with my  website and could not figure it out. I deleted plugins, reset this and that and to no avail could I fix my issue. My issue was that I could not directly publish my posts. I had to do all kinds of weird things to publish, which was no good if I wanted to publish something from my phone. Anyway this should be enough blabbah to see if I can post straight away.